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    Hello everyone I'm new to the forum obviously. I have currently played airsoft 3 times out on the fields. First time was indoor cqb 3 years ago and 2 times outdoors probably a week ago. I mainly play here in the lower part of New York about a 1 1/2 outside of the city. With that said I'm loving this sport/hobby so much that I've recently bought my own gear. Now my gear is nothing crazy because I do have a family so it's all budget. I'm currently running a APS UAR V2 AEG as you can see with my name I love the bullpup design... I know it's not everyone's favorite. So that's my gun I also purchased a condor chest rig mesh mask gloves flip down iron sights a vertical grip also a battery and the most annoying but important thing... Over prescription glasses goggles -_- as if being blind didn't suck enough being limited on eye pro sucks that much more. That's all my grear for now I have a shopping cart filled with items Ready to be ordered lol.
    So I'm going to leave my hello off here because I honestly could go on and on but I'm sure no one wants to read a essay on my airsoft story. So if you play in the lower NY at a airsoft field called Zulu 24 airsoft let me know that's my base of operation right now. I have a picture of my gun just for ha has.

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    Ok so um I’m new to the forum I’ve experienced airsoft too and no one has welcomed you yet so (yells very loudly) WELCOME TO AIRSOFT SOCIETY!!!!!! and so on. That’s a nice gun you have there.
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    Elk Grove
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    Hi, welcome to the forum
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    welcome! nice gun

    hows zulu24? im in woodbury rarely but more often than not.

    im in the same boat with glasses. i switch to contacts for games.
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    Welcome to the forum
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    Wow man they didn’t bother with you long did they. Most have lost me up to 8 pages now lol