Helmet with a visor for CQB?

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    Christmas is coming, and I may get a helmet this year (finally). One that piqued my interest was this (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TERPNK...Gs&pd_rd_r=PPYJE2GFRA60290D1MD0&pd_rd_w=P8Gc9) riot control style helmet. I really like the idea of having a visor on a helmet. I play almost entirely CQB, and about 50% of my gameplay is done with a pistol primary. The one major downside I can see to a visored helmet is the inability to ADS with a rifle. That wouldn't be an issue as I can still ADS with my pistol, and my rifle has a side-folding stock so I can just use it without the stock for CQB. When I wan't to use my rifle, I can just slide the visor up or remove it completely. Another advantage of the helmet is that I could forego a mesh lower face mask (while still keeping full-seal eyepro) and just wear a shemagh and my face would still be adequately protected. The reviews and description say it can withstand up to 2 joules, which is more than the just over 1 joule limit at my field. If it does end up breaking, I can still use the helmet without the visor. Opinions?
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    Just don't get shot in the face....lol

    Looks heavy and bulky for CQB...I like to be light and fast for CQB.
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    I would just use normal face pro goggles helmet and mesh or a paintball mask