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Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by paco777, Feb 16, 2016.

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    Hi guys, first sorry for my bad english. I play airsoft for 6 mounth and i have m4 airsoft replica but is not first class gun, now I want to buy ASR115 SPYDER EBB FULL-METAL - BLACK [APS], do You have some expirience with that gun and do u have some advice?
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    I've got a great gun. This is a super high quality shooting 346-350 so it is perfect for indoor play. The best you can get actually. The rate of fire with lipos is extremely fast. Super accurate and love with gun but I've just moved on to doing different things.
    I have 5 mags for it
    3x mid caps
    1x flashmag (yellow)
    1x high cap

    4 battery's 9.6v x2 and lipo x2 comes with lipo alarm.
    One charger
    I also have a mask
    A sling
    Speed loaders. Fore grips. Etc.