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Last year I bough a KJW KP-05 CO2 pistol, I've used a couple of times this winter (2-3 at most) and last weekend, when I tried to put the CO2 bottle and tight the end, the magazine started hissing and loosing all pressure from the top, like if the shooting valve was slightly opened. The bottle got empty in a couple of seconds (didn't measure, but I'd said around 15-20 seconds).

Back at home I checked the shooting valve (don't know if it has any specific name aside the one I'm giving it) and it seemed to be tightly adjusted. I removed and checked it out and for the looks of it, looked normal. I didn't take any picture, but it was something like this:
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It surprised me that if didn't had any o-ring over the valve, but a hard plastic cover instead. Still the pressure didn't emerge from the back of the valve, but from the top of the magazine.

Does anyone know what should I checked to ensure it doesn't happen again? Is it normal for a 3-day-use magazine to start failing like this?


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It's CO2. It is NOT made in the same way as GG mags. This is due to the operating pressures of 800+ PSI. GG is only ~125psi

You can't use "soft" rubber at that high of a pressure rating. It will wreck the o-ring on the first use if it is a cheap rubber, so it has to be a hard seal. Or it will blow it off the retainer.

I surmise you are saying when you inserted the jet into the bag it started venting out the top like the release valve was open.

This can be caused by many factors. Dirty CO2 jets and a piece of dirt got on to the seal and held it "open". Ice form on the valve during use and the ice held open the valve.

Clean and try again in the warmth of a garage or home and see if it vents again.

This is another reason why CO2 is bad, trouble shooting CO2 gets expensive and is wasteful.
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