Help disassembling TM Desert Warrior 4.3 blowback

Discussion in 'Gas Powered Guns' started by Dwosky, Apr 16, 2018.

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    So I was doing the maintenance of my Tokyo Marui Desert Warrior 4.3 and I wanted to remove everything from the upper part to try to improve its efficiency, since the thin magazines this replica has doesn't allow it to fire up all the BBs (due to the small gas tank). The issue I found is that I wasn't able to remove the blow back assembly part.

    Having removed the front part of the upper (cannon + hopup), I removed the back screw and the top screw that holds the metal sight (rear one) in place. I also remove some small screw on the rail, but I wasn't able to move the blow back assembly part. It moved a little from the back, but it didn't move from the front, so I wasn't able to remove it. Does anyone know if TM has any extra screw or something that avoids this part from being removed?

    I took the same steps on my Well replica and the assembly got out as soon as I removed both end and upper screws.
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    I'm replying myself in case anyone faces the same issue, it seems you need to pull both sides apart (from the plastic part) so the blow back can move out.

    2018-04-16 20.08.57.jpg

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    Yep. Polymer slides allow items to be press fitted...this is pretty standard for polymer slide GBB's.