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Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by GoldHawk_Airsoft, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. GoldHawk_Airsoft

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    My friend wants to find a good AEG that is a M16, g36, m4a1, ar15, or a galil. His price range is from $100 to around $120. I know it will probably be hard to find a good gun for his budget, but does anyone have any ideas of what he could best get?
  2. bob19922

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    Just save up a little bit more you can get a JG m4-s system on Airsoft gi for $140 without coupon codes.

  3. Valkyrie

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    His best options are anything JG. Specifically their M4 and G36C which are known for being solid.

    JG G36C:

    JG M4:
    I would suggest the normal JG M4, but the original is 140, a bit over your friends' budget.
  4. S1kkguy

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    Valkyrie and Bob hit the nail on the head. Save a little and go JG.
  5. theonlyBuster

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    It shouldn't be much more to save up.
    Also shop around Friday-Monday for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. If you're in the market for a new gun, this is the prime time. Look into coupon codes and all that good stuff. Prices will be fairly low and competitive for the next month or two.
  6. AirsoftShawn4

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    Personally I'd go with a JG, but he could also get a lancer tactical M4 R.I.S. for about 96 dollars on ...the lancer doesn't have externals as good as the JG. But the internals are as good or maybe a little better. And you save a bit of money and stay under the price range.