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Alright let's figure this out haha. I just bought a lonex A1 titan motor, rated at 40k high speed and high torque. I wanna build off that to upgrade my gearbox. I've never upgraded a gearbox, I just want a reliable and well performing setup. So, what are your recommendations for everything. I'll share mine and tell me what you think.

Motor: My motor is the Lonex A1 40k Titan. I understand it's a high speed high torque motor, but I don't understand how to optimize this. from what I hear though, this is a good quality motor.

Gears: I'm assuming this is wear the bread and butter needs to be for the motor to work well. I haven't read too deep so I haven't come to a conclusion. I was thinking 16:1 gears, however I heard 13:1 also. now I'm also assuming this varies on the spring, I don't know what the stock spring is rated, however I have a M130 spring on hand so let's go with that.

Spring: let's go with M130, however suggest any others if you think this isn't optimal.

Piston system: I'm unfamiliar still with the whole piston setup. I have a lonex gun so the gearbox is lonex, from what I understand, lonex is pretty solid.
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This is the setup, excuse the dust I know I know. The nozzle is plastic, I don't know if this needs to be upgraded or not, the piston head feels solid, the cylinder feels solid also, but I don't know. Is upgrading the piston system an upgrade I should do, is it necessary to gain more strength and reliability l, or will the stock setup be pretty alright?

Gearbox itself: I'm not planning on upgrading this but just to make sure I'm not stupid, is this a V2 gearbox?
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I was looking at radiusing also, but to me it looks like it doesn't need to be, you tell me though cuz I'm not sure.

Trigger setup: I have this setup for deans cuz I took this in to get a mosfet, but the techs screwed it up and fried it, and that's why I'm doing these upgrades In the first place. Since I have Lipos I should probably invest in a mosfet? I was thinking the gate aster, it's a mosfet and will allow me to have a more digital trigger, I would like to do this upgrade but should I? And will it even work, I'm guessing it will but let me know.

Conclusion: alright if you made it this far, thank you. This has been a pain ever since the techs messed it up, no hate towards them at all however they're great and I appreciate their work! this will be a good experience for me to start learning how to do this by myself so I can help my buddies if there gun ever needs fixing. It's been broken for a while and I just want to get out with my friends and have some fun, so any suggestions and knowledge you have to share, I will be very grateful for, sorry if it's confusing and for my lack of knowledge. Just let me know thanks guys!!

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I must preface that since nothing is made to a standard and the people in the industry is doing no one any service. The information you have is incomplete, dated and not right.

The Lonex A1 is a rather dated motor. You can get better for the same price or you can get comparable for less. Sadly this is due to the ignorant marketing to the inexperienced. You can't have a High Speed and a Torque motor. You can have a torquey High Speed Motor or you can have a Fast Torque motor...but you can't have both. The A1 with it 40K RPM is a Speed motor at heart.

So that leads to the gear set. Since you are planning on running a M130. You will need a higher ratio gearset. 16:1 is a good match for your Speed motor. Yes, you should radius, for you are running an above spec spring - M130. Note...this will render your AEG unusable at most commercially insured Airsoft fields.

The Chemistry of the battery has absolutely no bearing on whether you need a MOSFET or not. MOSFET need is more voltage centric. Run high volts (concerning Airsoft) of 9.5V+ then a MOSFET is recommended if you don't want to burn out your contacts. You can also run dielectric grease on the contacts and it will do essentially the same thing. Preserve trigger life span (how very few people know this technique...)

So, this should point you in a direction, now it's up to you to get more details for your build needs.

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Guges is right on the money.

That motor is fast, not weak but not as strong as a slower motor that has strong magnets.

If you try to run that motor on high speed gears on a m130 it will require some serious amps and likely suffer from piston pre-engagement if the motor actually does hit 40k rpm, because that would be 51 rounds per second on 13:1 gears with a 11.1v lipo, which will not run right.

But if you ran 16:1 gears and used a 2 cell lipo, you'd probably get a decent build, at about 25 rounds per second with a good lipo, but that m130 spring will be a lot for that to handle. The motor would likely have a shorter life the harder you push it.

The lonex parts are really good, the lonex plastic nozzles are hard, very hard. They won't scratch a bb like a metal nozzle can. Swapping out lonex parts with anything else would honestly be a downgrade, so make changes carefully.

Best of luck.
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