Help. Ics proline transformer.

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by Babysgonaburn, Aug 28, 2018.

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    I am thinking about buying and ics proline cxp (400$). Wondering if it's a good buy? Its loaded with.....

    Have added an Angel Custom 6.01 TBB, Maple Leaf bucking, Maple Leaf Omega nub.

    As for the mechbox, I added a Gate Titan, SHS 12:1's, SHS 7mm bearings (1 bushing on bottom of spur gear), M150 spring (easily swapped, ran it as a shorty DMR on my field), all new air seal components (100% seal), metal o-ring nozzle, all driven by an SHS High Torque motor.

    This thing is POPPIN. Easily ranges to 240'-260' accurately.

    If you've never worked on an ics split gearbox, they're a freaking dream. Spring is easily changed. Anti-reversal latch is captive, and doubles as a spring tension release once swapped to semi. The mosfet holds the trigger in perfect position, so no hassles trying to align the gears/ARL/trigger.
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    It's an okay deal it's working perfectly, esp if it comes with the Gate Titan programming link. I'd get a video of it firing first to make sure it looks and sounds smooth.

  3. Lefse

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    Why replace the durable stock steel bushings, that were properly press fitted into the gearbox shell, with relatively fragile 7mm bearings? I would not pay 400 bucks for a gun upgraded by a seemingly inexperienced tech...
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    Easily 240"-260" I wonder if he ACTUALLY marked that distance out or if he is doing a little generous guesstimation. He also doesn't state what weight or brand bb he used to achieve such ranges. Or the fps.
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    Fps 475 with .2s.. claims easily hitting 1x1 target from 200ft with .4s... it HASNT been Rhooped or flat hopped.
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    200 feet is not spectacular. Granted you are shooting .40. Most Stock AEG's with the same Maple Leaf Packing and Nub would hit 200 feet also. Even stock TM's at 250fps with .25g bbs can hit that range.

    I do agree that bearings on the sector isn't a good idea on M150 build.
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