HELP!... Leaking Mag Valve - APS Black Hornet

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    Hi guys,

    I have a newly acquired APS Black Hornet. Loaded the first Co2 cartridge into the mag and it blew the gas straight out the valve.

    Did some research online, then pulled the valve out, stripped it down and cleaned it all. All O-rings are present. I reassembled and confirmed correct operation. Then tested valve seat seal by blowing through my lips. It was fine and only released air when the button on the back was pressed. Reinstalled and blew a second cartridge out the valve.

    Removed the valve once again and as a last resort used Permatex Ultra Blue Gasket Sealer to try to resolve the leak. Blew a third Co2 cartridge out the valve.

    Can anyone please help me try to work out what the hell is going on here. This is very frustrating and becoming expensive. I tried to upload some pics of the valve but for some reason I can not do it.

    Note: the Co2 cartridge loads into the mag upside down or the part that gets punctured faces downwards.