Help me decide: Echo1 M249 // JG M4 // CYMA AK // King Arms Sig 556

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by Berkeley, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Echo1 M249 SAW [$225]

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  2. JG M4 [$165]

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  3. CYMA AK [$185]

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  4. King Arms Sig556 [$195]

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  1. Berkeley

    Berkeley New Member

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  2. Steve116277

    Steve116277 Member

    North Alabama
    That 556 looks sweet. You might have a hard time finding mags for it. CYMA ak's are tanks. I've had a model 35 for a year and it runs like a champ.

  3. theonlyBuster

    theonlyBuster Active Member Lifetime Supporter

    S. Florida
    M4 or AK depending on your preference > Sig > Any other gun > SAW

    The AK will likely last the longest, but the lack of rails out of the box tends to discourage some players. The same can be said about the M4, BUT you can remove the handle and have access to the rails to toss on an optic of your choice. Ultimately there is a TON of replacement parts for both variants.

    The Sig is nice, mags shouldn't be too hard to find, and honestly it's something that's at that grey area of common and not so common. And ther Version 3 gearbox is of the strongest of the most common gearboxes, so it'll take a nice pounding. Though I'd say check out the ICS Sig as they are quite nice.

    The SAW.... sigh. They're big, they're heavy, they're annoying and I'm thinking you mentioned this due to magazine capacity. Well Keep in mind a hi-cap Sig and M4 mag can hold 400 rounds, a AK hi-cap can hold 600 rounds. That should be more than enough for a single game. Need more ammo, carry a second hi-cap mag.

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  4. Dannyboyextreme

    Dannyboyextreme Active Member

    Saws are huge and heavy so if you are a player that doesn't like like run or really play. Go for it. Most places don't like the use of heavy weapons, especially if they don't have semi auto or its a CQB arena.

    Everyone has an M4. The colt M4 you chose is alright but don't expect too much.

    If you are really into aks, go for it. CYMA aks are very nice, especially if you want to upgrade them down the line. The AK you chose looks plain so if you want more exteriors you need to buy them separately.

    Last I heard, Sig 556 guns use normal M4 mags. The Sig 556 looks like an AK and M4 love child. It will work fine like the other guns but the choice is up to you
  5. misterT

    misterT Member

    South Bend
    WOW you are all over the place on different models, like others said the SAW is BIG, HEAVY, and AWKWARD for a field gun. I have one but I bought it cheap mostly for display and intimidation! Like The Buster said the CYMA AK will last and last but like real AKs they are very basic and a bit crude. You cant add a lot of gadgets to them where any AR type will except rails everywhere. I personally like AKs for that reason I added a reflex sight to mine in place of the rear leaf and that IS all! Many of the airsoft guns I have seen have crappy sights that move so they are inherently inaccurate without optics. of course at the close ranges of airsoft that is not a huge problem just annoying if you actually want to use the sights. The one really UP side to any AR /M4 is that there is a TON of accessories and options to change and customize them. So in closing if you do not want to upgrade/ customize it much get the AK. If you DO want to customize and add accessories get the M4 or the SIG which ever one you like the looks of the best
  6. Berkeley

    Berkeley New Member

    Thanks for all the input guys, but I ended up some-what impulsively buying the ICS CXP APE.
  7. BenTheBarre

    BenTheBarre Member

    Good choice actually! ICS guns are tanks, and easy to upgrade/work on with the split gearbox.