Help me pick a new, mid-level GBB rifle

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by audiobahn1000, Jun 6, 2015.

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    So I am brand new to recreational airsoft, although I have done it a tad in the military for formal training. Anyway, I am going back and fourth between the low cost of an electric VS the realism of a GBB, and I think I just need to make up my mind and go with a GBB rifle. So this is what I am looking for:

    - I play medium range courses with some CQB and some medium/ long range, but never "sniper" type long range.

    - I am looking for something reasonably solid (e.g. metal upper would be nice if it's offered). My budget for the gun is probably around $350 excluding shipping, although I could do a bit more if it's worth it.

    - I strongly prefer a tan rifle (or at least partly tan), and I require rails for a foregrip and ACOG sight.

    -Rage limit is 400 FPS.

    - If it's going to be gas it needs to have blow back otherwise it's kind of pointless to use gas.

    Any suggestions? I was looking at the new WE SCAR Open Bolt, but it seems to be sold out everywhere. Example:

    I really like the SCAR series.
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    The WE GBBR's are a solid platform (aside from their AK's which are notorious for having their trigger mechanism break after a couple thousand rounds). They're relatively reliable and user friendly, with wide part support, and they don't' break bank (well.... for a GBBR anyway....).
    I personally own the MSK (the ACR) and love it. However it has pretty bad cool down and the rail is a little wobbly.
    My buddy owns a WE M4 (and whenever he goes out of town I make sure to use it in a few games so it doesn't feel neglected :D). Out of the box it's a fun gun that's pretty average all around, however you can add all sorts of upgrades to increase recoil, power, range, etc.
    If you have your heart set on a SCAR you can probably find one floating around the classifieds section of this forum or a buy/sell/trade group on Facebook.
    OR you can wait for WE to release their SCAR-H....
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  3. snapshot311

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    Will you be good to it? If you have to think about that then don't get a GBB. Plan on cleaning and lubing everything regularly. The better you are to it, the better it will be to you.

    I have seen many an "operator" standing on the side or leaving early because of leaky guns and mags and nothing feels worse than being down in the middle of a game.

    An AEG requires maintenance too but either you run it stock and have fun, clean the barrel once in a while and be done or by a base and build a machine of fury. Any AEG will perform and you'll have a blast while you get your bearings for a little less up front and more money for bells and whistles.

    I say this because you seem like you've made up your mind but haven't really made up your mind.

    For me, the realism is all of it combined. The gameplay, gear, guns. But being a paintball transplant, nothing beats a couple charged batteries and a bottle of bb's. Soooo cheeeeeeap.

    Good luck!
  4. Spartan_NVG

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    I use a G&P WOC kit, it is cheep but will require tinkering. Personally I think it was worth it. But you have to buy the G&P magpul type mags or ghk mags because the stanag type are awful.
  5. MADR77

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    I agree with Moomoose here.. The AK series will require some fixing. I own a WE SVD (AK variant), and the trigger mechanism broke after only like 600rds. It's an awesome gun aside from that and the fact that the mags leak.

    I prefer WE gas rifles the most because they are a whole step better than their pistols. I have also owned a WE G36k which is probably the best gbbr I've used. My friend owns a WE M16a1 which is absolutely fantastic!!

    Don't know about their Scar but I am sure it will be good. Just watch out because WE are kinda hit or miss. Some leak, some don't. Be prepared to fix mags or have mags fixed.
  6. audiobahn1000

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    True, I guess I havent. I just like the 30-round mag capacity (as opposed to 300) and blowback realism.

    If I were to include AEGs, what do you think of the KWA G36C? Is it suitable for a medium range course? The downside is no one sells it in tan. Arrg! But I can understand why, the G36C is a SMG, not a rifle, so it's not really designed for use in desert combat across large distances anyway.
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    I can't really make a recommendation. I don't know enough about the different setups. The way an airsoft rifle works, you can achieve the same range, accuracy and fps out of any platform you go with so G36, M4, AK is really only to your preference. If you do the right work, they will perform similarly.

    Parts availability is another story though.

    I will say that the SCAR and M4 are pretty easy to take down. The M4 is the front body pin and the SCAR is 3 screws in the stock and the front body pin. I'm not familiar with the G36. I here that VFC is a good base to start with for AEG. GBB someone else who have to jump in.

    I have an M14 which is a commitment, though I'm glad I didn't know how much work it was at first because I may have not gotten based on the take down alone. Now that I have and can get it down in under five minutes, it's still a pain, but not that bad.

    I would say, figure out how much time you can commit to maintenance first, then decide which route you will go.

    With regard to magazine size, there are all different capacity mid capacity mags for AEG, average being 120-140 but go all they way down to 30 if that's what you are into.
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  8. Noah_6

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    The GHK g5 is perfect for everything. It's CQB legal out of the box, is reliable, efficient, and very accurate. It's accuracy can be ever further improved too as it accepts AEG barrels and buckings. It's available in either black or tan.
  9. audiobahn1000

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    Well, how much time does it really take to maintain a GBB? Are we talking just swab the barrel after every play session, and monthly lube the seals or is it more complicated?
  10. slythethief

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    Miller Place
    You should clean it after every time you use it, even if that means just shooting it. clean the barrel, check the seals, silicon oil/lube.
  11. yakantosh

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    After every time you play you should strip the rifle to clean and lube all of the moving parts. I also lubricate my magazines once every two weeks. It's like going to the range... You go out and shoot for a day, then when you get home you take apart your rifle to clean and re-lube it.
  12. Pirate223

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    No one has suggested the KJW M4 yet.

    If you do a little of your own research, then you'll find lots of people raving about the KJW. I just want to warn you about getting the KJW, since it's cliche to suggest it based off its reliability.

    The gun has problems with commonly breaking bolt catch, bolt carrier, and charging handle. All these parts are available in steel via aftermarket upgrades, however the total price for the gun and the upgrades comes out to the roughly the same as many other GBBRs that have better externals, performance, etc. If you're willing to sink a bit of money into it, the KJW M4 is a fantastic rifle, but you'll NEED to get the upgrades if you want it to be reliable.

    Anyhoo, I'd suggest a WE M4 based GBBR or one of their G36's if you can find one. I'd also suggest a GHK AK or M4 if you can afford one. I hear the GHK G5 is also a fantastic GBBR, but be warned that it isn't actually a replica of any real steel gun.

    Be aware that every GBBR has it's downsides. You're going to have to learn how to work with\on any gun you end up getting. None are perfect.
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    This this this a few more characters
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    I have owned all three major GBBR m4 platforms- KWA, WE, G&P, and I must say I loved my KWA LM4 the most. However, I got rid of it within a month because the lack of upgrade parts was unbelievably constricting. If you are happy with your guns OOTB KWA and WE are for you, lots of replacement parts, not many performance enhancing parts.
  15. audiobahn1000

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    I like the WE MSK GBB. However, where are all these parts you mentioned for upgrade. Evike only seems to have a few very basic things. Does someone sell extended, replacement barrels of a tighter boar (maybe 6.02-3)?
  16. Rushin

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    They do, just look for TBBs with a VSR-10 cut.