[HELP ME] Upgrading Bar-10 GSpec

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    Since probably most of you are much more experienced than I am, I thought it would be best to ask for advice from you guys.

    The rifle that I am going to upgrade is the Bar-10 GSpec. Now, unfortunately I am not able to pour a grand onto my rifle, however, I can spend a hundred or two. Obviously, with the low price that I am going to put in, I won't be able to get the super-duper-ultra range, high fps, megatastic elite accuracy, but I'm looking for something that can perhaps extend the range and decrease spread better than stock. I know only one DIY mod which is the teflon tape mod, and if you call this a mod, the white lithium lubrication mod as well. Apart from those, I want to purchase better internals.

    So the main components that I am looking at is:
    -Spring & Spring Guide
    -Hop-Up & Bucking

    Firsty, the Piston, along with the Spring and Spring Guide.

    I am looking toward the Angel Tune-Up Kit. However, I was going for the Laylax SP130, but the SP150 won't cause me too much problems due to the fact I am going to purchase better sears.

    Next, is the Sears.

    Now, I cannot afford a Zero trigger because the price of that is, uh, I don't know... a tad bit high. :D I figure that since I won't be using a very high powered spring, I'll be able to get away with upgrading the sears on the stock trigger box.

    I find myself at a predicament though between Angel Sears or Airsoft GI Sears. The Angel Sears from what it looks like, does not include a spring guide stopper. Now, I know that the JG Bar-10's triggerbox is made with cheap metal, which probably includes the spring guide stopper as well. I don't know how hard the spring guide stopper has to be, or if the hardness of it even plays a role into it's durability and performance. I hope you guys can enlighten me on that.

    Onward toward the Barrel.

    EdGI and Laylax parts are probably going to be the best, but I'm not looking for a 110% perfect performance, but rather something that can get the job done. I am looking at Airsoft GI PE 6.03. However, what concerns me is that it is made for the regular barrel length and not the G-Spec. A question I have is that, can I just run this through the silencer or will it go beyond it.

    Finally, the Hop-Up & Bucking.

    This is something that I don't even have a drop of knowledge on. Hopefully I will be educated on this soon, but honestly, I don't know what the difference is between each hop-up. I know there is a U and V hop-ups, and there are probably more out there, but I just don't know what will be the best for me. I am really looking forward toward your knowledge on this one.

    That pretty much wraps up most of my ideas for the upgrades I want to place on my rifle. Although, I still want opinions on my choices, because like I said, I am no professional on parts and since you guys have the most knowledge and wisdom toward this subject, I could use some of it. If you can recommend me better parts for the price, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, if I missed any crucial parts [I don't think I did, but mistakes happen] let me know on that too!

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    look up in the classifieds "wts custom jg bar 10" look at all my upgrades and see what you cant and cant get, read my description and its self explenatory, also look up "noobies jg bar 10 project" on airsoft retreat and read through all that, itll blow your mind, but it is by far the best guide towards a perfect bar 10, if you have any more questions, feel free to hit me up, id be more than happy to help you out

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    and i would trust laylax more than angle custom, since laylax is more popular, and has proven itself over the years, angel custom seems to be pretty good, and im dying to try them, but id go with laylax more. for your barrel prometheus and edgi are great, also look into the falcon "rifling" barrel, i have one and it gives me insane accuracy, all of my shots are in a direct and straight line, ill rarely get a flier, but you can read into them more if youre interested, i highly recommend it. for the hop up, if you really want something great, get "noobies" TDC hop up unit, its costly but its by far the best, and get an r-hop ("buffer rubber" by firefly), you can find it at "ehobbyasia.com", by far the best nub. Your spring should be the last thing you look at, but if you want to upgrade, and sp150-sp170 should be fine, im running an sp170 through mine and its held up quite nice. Sears, go for laylax or the asgi one's, piston go for laylax or asgi, you could try angel but laylax and asgi have proven themselves, and make sure to have a cylinder head with atleast 2 o-rings, and try and find the "x" o-rings, as they will tighten up your airseal in your cylinder substantially, bucking i would recommend the angel's "elongated" hop up bucking, and thats abt it, make sure to read up on that "noobies bar 10 project" as those mods will actually be more beneficial and critical than all the upgrades youll throw in, without those mods you will really be just throwing money away!