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Discussion in 'General Accessory Discussion' started by USMC1, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. USMC1

    USMC1 New Member

    My JG g36c has the annoying orange tip on it and I want to put a mad bull silencer on it but I can't because there is a pin I can't get out please help
  2. Username94

    Username94 New Member

    New York City
    I don't know about jg g36's, but on their m4's the pins are actually allen screws....very small ones. You need a really small allen key to get it out.

  3. USMC1

    USMC1 New Member

    Okay I will try to find a small one because I have some but just a bit to big
  4. Shiftyshooter

    Shiftyshooter Learn from your mistakes. Lifetime Supporter

    Go buy yourself a smaller one. That is the other possible advice.
  5. BRTSoloWing

    BRTSoloWing Well-Known Member

    China Grove
    The G36c has a allen set screw and a pin in it. I couldent figger out how to get it out eather, so I just painted it
  6. 703

    703 Active Member

    We have over a dozen threads on "how to remove orange tip / flashiders" Do a simple search and im sure you can find many ways to remove it...

    I had a JG G36 and Im pretty sure there is a small allen screw you have to remove. After that I think the tip is glued on and if it is, it just takes some force to get off. Personally I use either a strap wrench or a vice to get orange tips off.
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