Help needed with M4 project.

Discussion in 'Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs' started by Axis, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. Axis

    Axis Active Member Supporting Member

    For awhile now I've thought about making my own custom gun because I hear a lot of people giving KWA flak. I want to have something reliable to back me up (or even replace) my KWA when the time comes.

    I'm planning on using a JG M4 S-System as a base gun. All I need to know is what kind of parts to look for. I'm on a $300 budget as far as internal parts go.
  2. g_love

    g_love New Member

    Are you looking for a specific build? DMR? High ROF?

  3. EDI1st

    EDI1st New Member

    Fountain Valley
    If you are looking for a back up field rifle...

    If you already have that JG, sell it :p
    If not, get a King Arms, G&P M4 or VFC and just drop in MOSFET, motor, barrel and then do some mods and done.
    $300 will for sure get you a King Arms, VFC or G&P M4.

    For me, the thing is that if I have $300 cash....I'd get a nice rifle...
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  4. Axis

    Axis Active Member Supporting Member

    I would say a DMR would be what I want. I would like to be able to shoot up to 300 feet accurately and have a ROF of at least 20 BBPS. I also want parts that will last long, but don't cost over $50 each.
  5. S0m3_0n3

    S0m3_0n3 Member

    a dmr is semi-auto only...
  6. teamHOGZairsoft

    teamHOGZairsoft New Member

    Get either a vfc m16 or a g&p m16 both are great guns but i like the vfc more. Both around 300$ and are easily upgradeable. They both have the range and accuracy you are looking for but you can always drop new parts into it and make pretty badass guns:) im currently making a semi- auto dmr out of the vfc m16 and i am very pleased and the gearbox that came stock with the gun
  7. Axis

    Axis Active Member Supporting Member

    Could someone give me an idea of what kind of parts to buy? (i.e., Prometheus, SHS, etc.)
  8. CplFlores

    CplFlores New Member

    Top brands from what I hear are mostly Prommy, Systema, Guarder and PDI. Some shops would recommend certain brands that they believe are top of the line brands, but i thinks it's more likely that they have a deal with their supplier or the manufacturing company itself for them to get the product cheap, and sell it with a high markup. My local shop carries JBU, Bravo, Modify, and some madbull... These parts have done me good so far...

    I have a DBoys BI-5781 and after a while, I decided to replace some parts cause the part broke. Some mods also had increased performance slightly... I bought this gun stock at around I'd say $200-$250 (I bought a package with additional mags, extra spare battery, one point sling which came about to $375). With all the replacement/upgrade parts that I added, my gun now cost about close to a grand... Needless to say, you would probably spend more than $300 over time. With your current budget, grab those parts that the other guys posted and add more parts eventually...
  9. Axis

    Axis Active Member Supporting Member

    Thanks for the help. I'll update eventually when I've started the project...
  10. Camber_Airsoft

    Camber_Airsoft New Member

    Make a mk18 mod1, I'm making one and it is a really fun and easy to build.
  11. EDI1st

    EDI1st New Member

    Fountain Valley
    How do we suppose to know what kind of gun do you want to build without you giving us the performance spec that you want?

    JBU parts are crap btw, don't buy them.
  12. PistolsAndMP5s

    PistolsAndMP5s New Member

    Just don't get Systema parts. Unless you buy their bucking which are fairly good.
    SHS are budget friendly and work like they're supposed to.
    For a motor, you'd need great torque to pull a strong spring for a DMR, so I'd suggest the JG Blue motor. The blue has a massive amount of torque.
    R-Hop, and a tight bore is a standard I'd say.
    Prometheus barrels are nice and cost around $70 IIRC.
  13. Axis

    Axis Active Member Supporting Member

    Just one last bit of information needed, then I'll be on my way. How am I supposed to know what parts will fit?
  14. alex

    alex New Member

    for a budget DMR build:

    JG m4
    SHS 15T or 14T
    guarder piston head
    guarder sp150
    madbull blue bucking
    16awg wiring + mosfet + deans/xt60
    7.4v or 11.1v 25c (mAH depends on where you will mount the battery)
    deepfire o-ring nozzle
    keep the piston bearings
    #14 o-ring from home depot to replace piston o-ring (may need to be heat stretched)
    .40g bb's

    now for the mods:
    radius the gearbox
    sorbo for AOE correction
    stabilize the barrel with teflon tape (if needed)
    hopup modding (flathop, extended r-hop) use blue rtv or your choice of sealant on the bucking. shim hopup arm.
  15. WaikoloaAirsoft808

    WaikoloaAirsoft808 New Member

    For a motor either get a g&p m170 devil or G&P m180 santan. I have the devil and it works great. It can pull my m130 spring at 25 rps with a 11.1v lipo. It's the best motor imo
  16. mpanary_fako

    mpanary_fako Member

    G&P motors are overpriced. Get a Lonex or JG
  17. Archer627

    Archer627 Active Member

    G&P motors aren't that great, mate. Lonex, SHS, and JG Blues all blow them out of the water. I really like my Lonex motors. They run so cool.
  18. Axis

    Axis Active Member Supporting Member

    So here's what I have so far on my upgrade list for the JG M4 Basic:

    1. Systema Hop Up Bucking
    2. Prometheus Precision Shim Set
    3. ProWin M4 CNC Hop Up Chamber
    4. Madbull Ver. 2 6.03 TBB (363mm, for M4)
    5. Bravo Steel Spring Guide w/Ball Bearings for Version 2 GB
    6. Magic Box 8mm Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Bushings
    7. Bravo Silent Polycarb. Piston Head with Thrust Bearings
    8. G&G Special Nylon Nano Co-Alloy Piston

    All I'm looking for is durability, RoF, range, and accuracy. Not much to be desired, right?

    One of the most challenging parts of this project is that I will not do any DIY modifications. I'm also pretty limited in the money department but I can always earn more. I have around $150 so far.

    If anyone sees something that should be corrected in the list, please let me know. I don't want to have to end up shipping something back. I also would like some part suggestions for my RoF part of the project.

    EDIT: I changed my mind. I'm going to use a JG M4 Basic instead of a S-System.