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Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by Darek, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Darek

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    Ok I have had my first aeg ics colt m4a1 and need help with Zeroing in the sights I have the iron sights and it is shooting 3 feet to the right at 100 feet help
    Edit:I ready turned the knob as far as it would go to adjust to the right
  2. Fyzix

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    You shouldn't really have to zero them in. I know I've never had to zero mine in. Wind can blow bbs off as much as 3-4 feet, I'm guessing that's what's happening to you.

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    You'll never get it perfect, but you can get it close. I recommend you use some heavy BBs if you're going for accuracy. At least .25g BB minimum, especially if you're gonna use your sights, as you should (but most don't)
    Keep in mind adjusting your sights are a mix of aligning the sights AND your hop-up.
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    Have you cleaned the barrel? Just about every gun I've seen leaves the factory with a barrel full of crud. That could be the biggest thing affecting your accuracy. Once you've got it cleaned out (we can tell you how if you need), try zeroing your sights again.

    If your gun is consistently hitting outside of your maximum adjustment, your barrel or hop up may be misaligned, bent, or damaged. We can troubleshoot that stuff when we get there. For now, clean your barrel and try again.
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    Ok I found out I was adjusting them backwards and the reason I had to adjust them was because the gun came without a calibrated hop-up unit and since I wasn't used to calibrating a hop up and sights I spent 200 bbs just calibrating my sights lol but now I figured out I'm not supposed to calibrate with 10 round bursts :) which my friend told me and. Where the most bbs go make adjust the sights to go there but I again like I said had it backwards since I'm used to the if it says up it makes the sights go up not where it you want it to look like the bb/bullet like for instance

    You would do this

    Instead of the other way around which I'm more used to

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