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    I have just bought a brand new G&G GC16 Raider-s and am new to the sport, was wondering a few things and cud do with some aswers.

    Upon first opening is there anything i need to do before first use : eg grease it, shim it. Or is that done from factory?

    Secondly i have a high pich shrill noise coming from i guess the motor or gearbox, is that an easy fix?

    Please help as i would like to play in the next few days but dont want to break this stunning bit of kit.

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    For screeching adjust motor height, then use proper spelling and grammar. Otherwise you're good.
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    You used the wrong "your". You're not a very good grammar policeman. :)
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    The motor height will be the high pitch noise. that is easily fixed by turning the big screw on the bottom of the pistol grip. start by tightening it a little and see if it quiets down. then loosen it. when you get the high pitch noise to go away and you hear a clean noise and pop from the barrel over everything else, you are then set.

    as far as having to shim or lube, if its brand new, you dont NEED to. it has a basic quick job from the factory. after a few thousand rounds, I would suggest a reshim, AOE correction and relube. This will help keep your gun running longer.
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    No, that is correct.
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    OP, the screeching is most likely the motor height. Adjust it as explained above.

    As for shimming and such, It technically is done from the factory, but most stock guns have pretty crappy stock shim jobs. It is something to be redone, but not unless you know what you are doing or know someone that knows what they're doing.

    It should be regreased, reshimmed, and have AOE corrected.