Henry River Recon is Recruiting | Hickory NC area

Discussion in 'North Carolina Airsoft Forum' started by deadsilent120, Nov 5, 2015.

  1. deadsilent120

    deadsilent120 New Member

    Hi all!
    My team, Henry River Recon, is recruiting!
    we are based in connellys springs NC...which is only 20 minutes from Hickory. we have been in operation sine 2008 and have been an NCAO team since 2010. we have 20 acres of land to play on and host events all through the year with the next one being an op market garden scenario in two weeks.
    all ages are welcome!

    our team exists for players that like tightly knit fireteams, honor, respect and integrity. for more info please visit
  2. Nattyg

    Nattyg New Member

    Hello! I'm extremely interested in joining. I'm still in high school and I'm new to airsoft but I would love to join the team!