Hey guys, been loving airsoft since mid1980s and im back

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Stephen Wolf, Aug 10, 2020.

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    Hey, guys.

    So i live in NJ and remember my first airsoft (called softair) gun, which was thE Daisy Wingmaster (still trying to pick up a used one for $100 or so but they sell for much more) followed by every single gun in that product line (the Uzi, mini14, HK5P, etc, etc). I was hooked. I had (and continue to) collected replicas (metal replicas with moving action, some firing blanks) but air soft guns were so much more fun to a 13-year-old and his group of likeminded friends who “played guns“ for many years becore and after. At about the same time, paintball guns were evolving (though they were less realistic and more for the field, though i did like my Tipman smg68 and Para Ordnance M85 that fired full auto primer propelled paintballs with all the smoke and some of the noise of the real deal).

    Anyway, and damn i kick myself, i ended up giving away all of my arsenal right before leaving for USMC bootcamp. Years pass, college, job/career, wife, kids and i start shooting again (real steel) but missed airsofts. I would get one here or there (almost entirely metal gas blowbacks) but i mainly just plinked and marveled at their beauty.

    Once COVID pushed all of us quarantinsx in NJ to dig up old or find new hobbies, i bought my first electric airsoft (CYMa 035 metal/wood) and a couple more gas blowbacks. I even got my oldest daughter (13) interesred. Which essentially brought me here to find help in putting an optic rail mount on one of my 1911s.

    Anyway, welcome everyone. I look forward to learning more and, prob, spending lots more money, ha.
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    By your description that puts you in my age bracket for my First Airsoft Springer was a Daisy Model 59

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    Welcome to the Forum!
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    Welcome back. Airsoft has come a long way. Even just in the past decade imo
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    Welcome! this forum is pretty great for finding helpful bits of info.
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    Ha that's so cool. Welcome! I was born '95 so I have zero concept of airsoft history. Also pretty new here.