Hey there, new to airsoft!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by OneSho1, Jul 2, 2015.

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    Hello everyone, I know ive been on this forum for about a week or so now, and forgot to do the introduction! So here it is. This is my intro to the Airsoft Society.

    First off, I am new to Airsoft. I have very little knowledge on how the gun is internally built, but I do know how it is externally built and I also know a few tactics and strategies (Arma helped a lot). I am looking forward to playing a round or two at my local field soon. I have been asking around about which R36 I should get, but I had the lucky chance to see an Elite Force M4 my friend from Dallas showed me. It was the $150 starter one I think, but it was really nice. The way it was made just made me feel...powerful ️. I am considering that to be my first gun since it fits me in many aspects.

    Well, not much but just a little intro about me. Thanks for tuning in! And also thank you for accepting me into the Airsoft Society! *Jurassic World theme music starts playing*