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    Hi everyone. I joined this forum to have 1 question answered, if it isnt answered then i wont bother with this, if it is, i will keep in touch. Ok. Down to business. I have a J&G AK-47. I have a problem with the firing mode selector switch. I know, everyone says that you just have to tighten the screw, but thats not the problem. it is tight enough. But when i took the screw off, i saw the little white firing mechanism itself sitting there. Here is my question, when i first had the loosening problem i just wound it up like a screw. it tightened it, but did it strip the mechanism from the switch? Because it looks like they were connected at one point. If i indeed stripped it from the switch, is there ANYWHERE i can get a whole new part to that with the little white thing, the gold ring that goes inside of it, the screw, the cap, and the metal switch?
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    Now that i was messing around with the switch i tightened it farther, the safety works now, but i'm not sure how long it will hold out. I would still like my original question answered though... thanks

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    JG AKs are TM clones.

    So, there are a few pieces of the selector:

    -rubber cap
    -lock washer
    -brass ring
    -selector arm
    -internal selector arm
    -selector nut
    -gearbox shell

    those are all the pieces that make up the selector. As long as you didn't strip the threads in the gearbox shell or the screw (and assuming you didn't lose anything) you should be fine.

    Now, NONE of those pieces are ever attached by anything BUT the screw. So you most likely don't need any new parts UNLESS you stripped the threads.

    Does the screw still thread into the gearbox shell without stripping or cross-threading? If so, you just need to reassemble it a certain way, and do a few small things.

    If either is stripped, you may need a new screw, or to re-tap the gearbox threads and put in a different screw.

    Some pictures of everything would really help.
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    got it to work thanks
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    So you're sticking around? If so, welcome to the boards.