HFC DarkKnight Magazine Valve thingy?

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    I just traded a guy my old WE 1911 for his HFC Dark Hawk with 3 mags and one of them is a tad bit broken (he did tell me it was), and I haven't been able to find that part, or any parts for the magazines, to fix it. I attached two pictures, one of which is the magazines with the broken valve in it, the other is a picture of the valve, just in case people don't know what I am talking about. If anyone could like send me a link or something of the part I will love them for the rest of my life.
    Also, if there are literally no parts for it and I'm just better off buying a magazine...does anyone know where I can find them? I haven't been able to find magazines for this dumb gun.

    And sorry for the absolutely horrendous quality in my pictures.

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