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    I've been playing airsoft for a couple years with my teenage boys. My ICS-CXP-MMR-SBR with a Titan ECS and Madbull 6.01mm barrel has worked like a champ. Looking to put my engineering skills to use and build a DSG that will dominate the battlefield as well as put the ghostbuster (P*) guns to shame. Found a ton of great info on this site. So, thought I would join and contribute where I can or at least give you all a good laugh if things blow up. Got all of my parts in yesterday and have started putting it all together. Looking to achieve 350+ f/s at 50+rps with somewhat decent reliability. Appreciate the comments about spoon feeding. Have done countless hours of research and here is what I have come up with so far. Have to start somewhere. Comments are most welcome (keep in mind that this is my first DSG build). Will radius gearbox, add absorber, correct for AOE, shim to perfection, mod tappet plate and spring, mod piston body linear gear teeth, etc. My parts list is below, let the rock throwing begin :).

    Goldbat 11.1 Lipo 1300 mAh 25C (probably marginal)
    Option no1 high-torque motor (probably taking a reliability risk with the Titan, I have heard mixed reviews about this combo)
    Siegetek pinion gear
    Siegetek 14.55:1 9-tooth DSG gear set (will grind off 9 tooth from piston body linear gear if PME is an issue and fps is good)
    Guarder bore-up cylinder, cylinder head, air nozzle, and poly piston
    Angel custom piston body
    Rocket M160 spring (I have an M170 also, just in case)
    Siegetek spring spacer
    Matrix Meteorite 8mm Bushings

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    Matrix and Angel parts are just rebranded OEM stock parts.

    Those are NOT upgrade parts. If you have stock bushings...you should be okay

    What are you calling an Angel Custom Piston Body, the piston itself? The Piston I see are of the older design, they are okay but there are better made pistons (in design)

    And for the life of me, I don't know why Aluminum pistons came back. Back 18 years ago we learned that rubbing soft aluminum against rough pot metal resulted in undesirable piston wear and poor performance.

    Seems the industry still continues it's habits of hiring people with no STEM background in the product development dept, much less Airsoft "experience".

    Don't buy a Titan, a very dated motor there are better at the same price.

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    He was referencing a gate titan and an option number 1 brushless motor.

    You don’t need a 9T DSG to hit 350fps.
    You don’t need a spring spacer AND an m160 to hit 350fps
    You don’t need a bore up kit to hit 350fps.
    The matrix meteorite bushings are SHS rebrands that you can get cheaper at Brill Armory or Clandestine Airsoft.

    You’re adding a little bit of a challenge adding a brushless motor with a titan on this gun, so it may be harder for you to diagnose if a problem is caused by the motor/titan combo or the tappet timing or other typical dsg problems. Not saying its not possible, just be aware of it.

    I have limited my spring usage and no longer use SHS springs as I’ve had too many mislabeled or inconsistent ones. I personally use Guarder springs now, but thats just from
    my own personal experience.

    Speaking purely on personal experiences, Don’t pull apart the working ICS if its your only gun to make it a DSG. You’ll most likely run into issues on it on the field being your first build, which will ruin your day. Consider buying a used gun and gutting it instead maybe. That way you still have a reliable and functional gun and teching stays fun and not a chore in order to be able to play.

    Also have the same question as Gauges re: pistons
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    Hey, welcome to the forum. I'm glad you're doing a DSG as your first build. I've grown to love AEG's since I joined the forum. How many kids do you have? Think about getting a Airsoft Society patch.
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    I built my first DSG almost for the price those siegetek gears are gonna cost you…. 318 fps 42 rps. M140, 25k Tienly, Gate Nano, SHS Lightweight Piston, SHS 8 tooth DSG gear. Now has a gate and a 40k motor, pushing around 50 rps.

    I guess my point is with my first DSG build I went cheap. Just because I knew there would be trial and error, broken parts and moments I wanted to abandon the build all together. The last thing I wanted is to have hundreds of dollars of parts on the line on top of that. Now if that’s not a concern for you, then have at it! But I think you can still easily “trim the fat” on your parts list and achieve your goals.
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    An M160 with the Siegetek spring spacer and a 9t DSG would get you almost 2J according to Siegetek's Cyclone manual. Quite a bit higher than your goal.

    Removing the spring spacer should get you a lot closer to your goal of 350fps with the 9t and an M160. You'll probably still go over that even then with the bore-up kit. Since you already have the parts you can try it first before buying a different spring that you may not need.

    I would make a new thread for this build if you want more advice or to ask questions related to it. That way your introduction post doesn't turn into a build log, lol. It helps keep the forum organized.
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