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  1. PrestonHM

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    Im Preston. Ive been airsofting... for realistically a few months . I first went when i was about 11. Then i dropped it for a few years. Now im 16 and i have 3 guns: Combat Machine M4, FN2000 (i froget the company), and a Mosin Nagant M44 (which i love). I primarily joined AirsoftSociety to ask one set of questions - as of right now. I'm looking to sell my M4; I think i could get at least 120 or so for it-
    1- Where is the best place to sell it?
    2- About how much could i get for it?
    A few details abt it-
    - it was heavily modded. About 200$ worth of mods. But i dont exactly remember everything we did to it and I think my dad got duped a bit.
    - the barrel is fused down because it would fall off when glued
    - fps anywhere between 370-397
    - takes all BB's well (prefers .2 tho)
    - foregrip included
    - adjustable hop-up
    Thanks guys!
    PS- sight and riser mount not included. I need those. Sorry.

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  2. BOA_SP3CT3R

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  3. Bisqcateer

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    To be honest, you probably won't get an accurate response unless we know what sort of upgrades you did to it. Externally looks stock, except for the ~10.5" barrel. However you did mention your barrel was fused down (I can only assume that means epoxied on or something lol), so that would probably take the value down.

    Considering it's $150 brand new, unknown upgrades + potential irreversible modification.. I would probably say you could sell it for $100-120 if everything is functional?

    More insight on the internal upgrades would probably help you narrow the price down though, so if you're serious about selling it, either settle on a lower "AS-IS" price or see if you could find a list of parts you installed into it.
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  4. JLeav

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    My personal advice is just keep it Incase you have a friend that wants to try out the sport, then maybe sell it to him/her The amount you will get for it is not anything you will want. I had a cm16 that I traded for a scar luckily the guy just wanted a m4 and I came up off the deal in value

    If anything just keep it to practice working on the gearbox and stuff.
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