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    Hi from northern ct

    I live in northern CT. I am 47 and a retired Air Force A-10 crew chief (hog keeper, Msgt). I work on computers now for an insurance company. I have two kids ages 11 and 12. I work from home these days so up to now I really didn't move around a lot. It shows.

    I discovered airsoft just a few weeks ago when my wife (10 years army) and son (age 11) took me to play for fathers day at a local indoor CQB site. We all had a great time and decided to buy equipment to ditch the rental fees.

    Since then my daughter tried it and also loved it so now I am outfitting a fourth person. My credit card bill hurts more than the my legs, arms back, chest ....... :)

    Since I am the person gearing up my wife and two kids (plus myself), I have to learn a bunch in a hurry. I didn't have the luxury of learning over time because If I make a mistake it is multiplied by 4.

    Instead of wearing out my welcome where I play (Honestly I feel like I have been annoying the techs with lots of questions.), I started to look for a forum to bounce my beginner questions around.

    I found this site and so far I am feeling much better.

    Now I have to figure out what to get my 12 year old daughter (My wife already has the pink G&G).
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