High capacity spring pistol?

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by Georgieman, Oct 25, 2016.

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    Hey guys, long time no see. Wish I had time to hang out here...

    So I've got a weird one for you. My brother has taken a real liking to spring pistols. He doesn't play anywhere competitive and he likes the challenge, so it works for him despite losing constantly :p . What he wants is a good, reliable spring pistol or something of the sort that holds a crap ton on rounds. He currently has one with a rather unusual hi-cap type mag with a 100 round reservoir where he has to take the mag out, pull down the spring, and shake the mag to reload every 19 rounds. The thing works for him and he likes it more than any other gun he has used, but its kind of cheap and he wants something better.

    Have you guys even heard of something like this? I know there are small AEG options and gas guns, but that's not what he is looking for and he doesn't want to spend the money for something more expensive anyway. Perhaps there is another option as well. Multiple mags is another possibility, but it would have to be a solid gun with cheap magazines. His budget is $50, which is slim, but he isn't super into airsoft so I doubt I can convince him to spend more.
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    ...crazy idea, but any way he could possibly fit a pistol mag speed loader into one of his current springers?