High Speed or High torque in my AEG.

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    I own a Knight's Armament SR-16E3 CQB MOD 2 AEG Airsoft Gun by Echo 1..

    I wanted to ask if I kept everything stock and put in a high speed motor or high torque motor would i see a difference from the stock echo-1 motor?
    Shooting semi and full auto also I use only 9.6v 1600 mAh Nunchuck batteries..
    If I went to lipo 11.1 would I need to upgrade parts or it would shread the stock parts?
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    It's not that simplistic.

    These are real life systems and not video game gun upgrades where you snap in new part X you get a performance upgrade to level 23A.

    The answer is it depends. For example in this video at 2:00, we start shooting the AEG.

    It has a Tienly 45K HS Motor. Being that this is Airsoft...nothing "defines" a High Speed Motor. One companys HS motor could be 25K...while another is 50K...etc.

    In this video..it is hitting 25RPS on a 2S LIPO which has just .25V more consistent power delivery than "most" 1600mah NIMH with 8 cells (9.6V). On 3S...it would be way to much speed for my usage...

    As for would 11.1V (3S) shred parts...not right away...but soon in your E1. Being that a E1 is not made to run at that voltage levels and at high speed. For you would be running it ABOVE spec.
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    Your question is a bit too vague. Do you want higher ROF or just faster trigger response? A motor with more torque is beneficial for trigger response, but you can also "cheat" and install a pre-cocking mosfet and not have to change the drive train and still achieve faster trigger response. The stock internals in most AEG's will handle up to 25 RPS with an M120 spring, some higher, some not quite as high.

    Guges have several good points. It's a bit like a car, if you increase the engine power significantly above factory spec you may have to replace parts in the drive train and suspension to keep things somewhat reliable and usable. You're approaching this from the wrong angle, first you should decide exactly what you want to improve and then start looking for parts. If your performance goals aren't very high you can probably use most of the stock internals.
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