"High Speed Setups are not reliable"

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    I was watching some airsoft videos from Rainbow Airsoft on YouTube and saw the following video from ASGI. I wondered if it contained some false information (as I've witnessed in past AirsoftGI videos) and my suspicions seem to have been confirmed. If you want to skip their ads at the beginning of the video, go to 0:30.


    I personally believe the statements Tim made about high speed setups were completely untrue. Some parts of the video were okay, but:

    a)He did not include a MOSFET unit in the list.

    b)He did not include a lower ratio gear set (16:1, 13:1) instead of the standard ratio gear set (18:1).

    c)He did not include Deans connectors in the list.

    d)He did not include lower resistance wiring in the list.

    e)He listed an aluminum piston head. If I'm not mistaken, aluminum piston heads cause more wear on the front of the gearbox (possibly causing fractures in the future, this also depends on the thickness of the gearbox, the material it's made of, and other internal factors).

    f)"Standard motor, standard ratio gears on a lipoly will already yield a high FPS..." So the battery affects the FPS by THAT much? Really? I always thought it was air compression, the spring, the ratio of the gears, and the amount of torque a motor has that substantially affects FPS.

    g)The P90 that Tim fired was supposed to fail (in a ridiculous "15 rounds")...It didn't.

    I doubt that high speed setups are not reliable because I've heard of so many people that use high speed setups and have kept their guns running for years without issues. And if they do run into any issues, they can fix them easily.

    I'd like to hear you guys' opinion on this video, because I think AirsoftGI is just basing their opinion on their own "high speed setups". I feel like ASGI has been misinforming newer players with their videos. Airsoft GI has been a good retailer (at least for me), but it's annoying to see my favorite retailer pointing their customers in the wrong direction at times.
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    I didn't click the link, but I believe I have seen the video before.

    Other faults in the video:
    They used Systema.

    Also, I believe the video is several years old. Which means that they didn't necessarily have all the good parts we do now, and nowhere near the teching info as now.

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    Then why haven't they gone back to say, "Hey, we were wrong, here's how it's done properly."?

    They probably haven't because they don't know how it's done properly.
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    This. Is why we're friends. :D

    I do understand not having the technology that we use today in airsoft AEGs, but there must've been better parts they could have mentioned. I personally think they just mentioned the expensive parts to make newer players buy them.

    These days, you drop in a Lonex A1 Red Motor, Extreme Fire MOSFET, Deans, SHS 13:1 Ratio Gears (with Gen 1 Bevel), Lonex Blue/Red (Swiss cheesed), and an aluminum air nozzle, then you're generally ready to go.

    ...I may have forgotten a few parts, but that's all I remember from my parts list I have for my custom DDA M4.
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    Because ego.

    Because they still don't know how to high speed. They think the Modify Dual Sector Gear at 38 RPS is the fastest of the fast, yet they sell Siegetek gears.

    Pro tip: Never listen to a word ASGITV has to say. Ever.
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    No, it's because they simply won't admit it.
    And to them, it really doesn't matter anymore. It's an old video.
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