High torque motor for A&K m249

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  1. Phailed

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    Im looking for a high torque motor for my A&K m249. I've tryed the SHS short high torque motor, but it was a half cm longer than the original motor (and the G&P 120 short type), so it was imposible to shim the gears right.
    Before I order a new motor, I'd love to hear what type of motors other people use in their A&K m249, and what motors that can be confirmed to fit.

    I also have a problem shimming this thing in general. I feel that the wells the bushing goes into is to shallow, so I dont get alot of room to shim. Sometimes i end up just using one 0.1mm and it is getting it real thight. Anyone have any good solution for this?
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    Just trim the 5mm off of the motor shaft and reinstall the Pinion...