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    I was considering making a few "Hitman" style 1911s and selling them. They would be gbb WE brand. I would offer a number of base guns to start with(all WE's) and allowing people to chose their accessories. I would be offering options such as silencers or compensators, choice of base gun, and then add the famous hitman grip for the finishing touch. This way, fans of the series could own their own hitman 1911 and not worry about having to order parts and put it together. What do you guys think about this idea? Thanks and any recommendations are appreciated.
    This is what a regular one would look like:
    Also, does anyone know a metal spring 1911 with a threaded barrel so I can offer that to those interested? Also, what would you pay for something like this?
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    I think that would be really cool! I would also see if you could get one based off a TM base, which would obviously be more expensive.

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    How much do you think these will cost? Also, I suggest using a better company for the base gun. I suggest using KWA, KSC, KJW, or TM.
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    Honestly, the only hard part of this would be sourcing the grips and making sure they fit properly. All other parts are easy to aquire and install.

    The fan base for this would be considered a niche market so I don't see a very high demand for this service, especially if the price is more than what an average airsofter would spend themselves to buy the components.

    Not trying to kill your dream, just pointing out the reality of the market. You know most of us airsofters are cheap sons-o-buddies who will cancell an order because they can save $5 buying it elsewhere...

    As for a metal spring 1911 with a threaded barrel, I have never seen one in all my years of airsofting and searching most every legitimate seller.
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    Hate to say it but Shady took the words right out my mouth.
    Most players are simply more inclined to purchase the base gun and add/modify parts as they see fit. I see it day in, day out.
    They buy a gun, then piece by piece "pimp" it out.

    But by all means, if you really want to test the idea, buy a few base guns and parts, assemble the gun, then toss it on the classifieds and see how long it sits up there. If you really want it to sell, do a few internal upgrades, that way it may appeal to more players.
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    I haven't quite come up with a price yet but what other companies have changeable grips and a threaded barrel? I would certainly be open to other brands. Thanks to the others, I appreciate your opinions and have certainly considered those. I'm not looking to make a big profit off these, just want to give those fans of the hitman series something they are always asking about. I am also considering making other custom pistols besides 1911. Does anyone know if there are copyright issues with getting the hitman symbol engraved on the slides? Thanks.
    Also, does anyone know if these 1911s will accept real 1911 grips? I was thinking about maybe some mother of pearl grips for them.
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    I know, Ive got a few pairs. There very nice. I had some on my real 1911 before I had to sell it.