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    I recently stripped a piston and needing one quick I went looking for a cheap and US based retailer. What I found:

    I found hivemind airsoft. It is co-owned by a member of the forums. It is located in the US. Prices were fair or better than other places I check. Shipping was fast. (I ordered Sunday and it arrived Wednesday morning.) Overall good compared to others.

    However, the best part is they were kind enough to shortstroke and Swisscheese my piston for me. Free of any extra charge. (They did a good job I might add.) I also asked for smilies to be drawn on the box and they did. They went the full mile to meet my request. For that A+.

    The only complaint I have is shipping. (Brought it up to him as well) I paid $6 to have a piston shipped. Realistically it could have been done cheaper. In fact on the box it says it cost $3.31 to ship. :/ If they could work it out to where shipping was cheaper (Sorta like clandestine has done.) it would be my go to place for teching supplies.

    Overall A.
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    Hey Tommy, thanks for the review:)

    Sorry for not getting TOO elaborate with the smilies, I was in a hurry to ship the package on my way to work, and the lady at the USPS counter was giving me some weird looks when I drew a smiley on the front. (Believe me, I wanted you to give something that you'd remember. Next time I suppose -_-)

    As far as your pricing goes, for shipping ALONE, it was $3 and change like you said. On top of that, I have to purchase the flat rate box, which is $2 and change. This adds up to a total of about $5.95ish IIRC. If I can find the receipt, I'll be glad to post a picture of it. As I said, I'm not the super awesome shipper, that is Engel.

    And as far as the shipping prices, it is an upper and a downer at the same time. You really benefit in buying more than one piece when it comes to shipping, as we can probably fit about 4-5 Pistons in that $5 flat rate box. And as far as shipping price for one item, we sort of make up for it in the unseen costs. We are based out of California, which means you would normally get charged the 8.345r3453% California Sales Tax, which waive and take the hit ourselves. That paired with the parts listed below retail are give you the chance to get a fairly good deal when buying a single item, or a great deal when buying multiple items.

    Hope to see you come back and benefit from multiple item purchases.

    For those of you that read these things, here is link to the Piston on my site: