homemade magpuls

Discussion in 'Clothing / Gear' started by Slender, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Slender

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    How should i make homemade magpuls?

    Ive seen paracord and tape.
  2. Sparky_D

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    Paracord and tape

    If it works and it's simple, why try to reinvent it?

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    Take 4" of duct tape, fold it in on itself. Not edges together, edges to center. Now you have a doubled up 4" long piece of tape.

    Take the 1st piece and place it 3/4" onto the bottom center of your mag. Take a piece of tape that has been split in 2 lengthwise and tape it down, keeping the 2nd piece of tape lined up with the bottom the mag. Then wind it around to the other side and stick the other end of the 1st piece to the mag. Then half lap double wrap the bottom 1/4 of the mag.

    Those turn out to be some pretty hardy mag-pulls. And you can customize it with all the different colors and patterns of tape they have out now.