Hop up spring necessary?

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    I recently noticed that my g&g m4 did not come with a spring in the front of the hop up like other aegs. I was wondering if they are important in helping air compression or if its fine to leave it without?
  2. masterpro72

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    It may have a small effect but I don't really know. I've never had an issue with the fact that it is missing it. However, with one on, it seems the mag feeds better. You can probably get one pretty cheap if you want. Or just tape the back of the mag and you'll have absolutely no problems with feeding.

  3. Urbanprodigy

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    Just slide o-rings over the barrel and against the hop-unit. They work better anyway
  4. marine121496

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    ....Or if you don't have access to those, break a cheap clicky pen and get the spring out of that, you may need to cut it down a tad, but it works.
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    If you're referring to the spring clearly shown on the top of the hop-up in this picture...


    ...then, from what I understand, it's pretty important (keep in mind that this isn't necessarily the hop-up for the gun you listed, but it should be similar). This spring pushes the hop-up unit back into the air nozzle connected to the gear cylinder, keeping it tight against the air nozzle to keep a tight seal to prevent air leakage. Without it, you'll probably see a drop in performance.

    If you can't find one, maybe you could try taking apart a ball point pen and using the spring in that pen as a temporary fix until you can get a spring meant for a hop-up.

    Edit: Marine beat me to the ball point pen spring advice.
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    I second that....It doesn't have much effect though. When I try to wobble the hop-up in my G&G, it wont move so I don't think there would be much compression issue.
  7. masterpro72

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    I actually had an extra one lying around and so I tested it as soon as I saw this post and realized it didn't really give any noticable effect to the performance. The hop-up seems pretty firm in there without the spring pushing it back. Unless you're using a different outer barrel which I've noticed don't go as far into the reciever. As long as you use the stock G&G outer barrel assembly, You should be fine.