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  1. Joshpeck

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    What's an extremely good hop up chamber in terms of accuracy and range?
  2. Axis

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    Hop Up Chambers actually don't really play a part in accuracy and range. It is really good to have a nice, durable one though. I'd suggest the Lonex chamber (M4, Zinc [If you have a M4]). If you also wanted to increase your accuracy and range, I would get a Lonex soft bucking, an M-Nub, and a R-Hop. Of course, you will need to modify the R-Hop to install it. If you really want good range and accuracy (along with the parts listed above), get a Prometheus 6.03 TBB.

  3. JakeBworth

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    Classic Army and King Arms make a pretty good metal M4 hop up. But all hop ups are going to have to be adjusted and tuned in order to achieve good accuracy and flight.
  4. Joshpeck

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    No, don't get matrix brand barrels. They market them as Prommy clones, but the only thing that they have in common is that they're both SS.

    On Evike, Prommys are listed under Prometheus/Laylax IIRC. Lylax is the actual manufacturer.

    I second the Lonex chamber, but would recommend a Lonex Hard bucking if you're going for an R-Hop.

    You have to tune the R-Hop to fit your barrel window for whatever BB weight you want to use.

    You can grab the chamber, Bucking, and contact patches at ClandestineAirsoft.com, if they're in stock.
  6. Joshpeck

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    Eau Claire
    How do you adjust the rhop for bb weight?

    I also heard r-hops increase your range by about 80' is that true?
  7. jimfc3

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    you sand/file the hop to the specific weight bb that you will be using.