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Hoping to start new store in Alabama

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Hey everyone i am hoping to soon have enough backing to open a new store in the montgomery area in alabama. For now this is my online store until i can actually make this a reality. Thanks everyone.
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Ok everyone i must apologize for getting ahead of myself yesterday with my first post. I am still new here to this nice forum and i should have made myself aware that i couldn't post a link on my first post. Doh lol. Anyways thanks to everyone for their patients with me.
I wish you the best of luck. I'm in AL and the airsoft/paintball community pretty much fell apart over the years. Still some of us around but for the most part we have to travel to the milsim events.

Maybe things will change now that Fort McClellan in Anniston is now a venue for hosting events.

Anyways good luck! It's great to see guys bringing airsoft retailers to the area.

Edit: Look into sponsoring events to get your name out there: American Milsim and MiR Tactical are both companies that have hosted/planning to host events in Anniston. You might start with those guys.
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Hey thanks for replying. I have been eyeing the milsim event up in Anniston and would love to go one day. I do remember a few years back maybe 5-10 years ago now. Myself and 2 friends from where i live down here in the montgomery area would make the trip every weekend to the Anniston area to play on the weekends. This guy we knew named tim or as most of us back then just simply mongo would sell us airsoft guns. That was the start of the bug for myself and why i would love to try and get it going agian in Alabama. I am like all the surrounding states have a great community so why cant we also?
Come check it out. I'll be there for the one at the end of October hosted by MiR Tactical.
I will see what i can do thanks :)
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