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    Hey guys check out HUH airsoft team located in SoCal. We play many fields located in SoCal as well as MILSIM events throughout the area. Specifically in the Los Angeles area, we are looking for people interested in joining up, we currently have 11 members with former military and LEO players. Basic requirements are:

    18+yrs old

    Have your own gear:
    Primary weapon
    Sidearm( optional) but recommended
    Plate carrier or load bearing vest
    MULTI CAM or DESPAT camo( for milsim events specifically)
    Radio( baofeng is what most of the guys have)
    Please contact me for more info on joining up and check out our page.
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    Hey i am not 18+ but i have all the requirements and love to play airsoft with a passion it would be pretty cool to play with you guys. Contact me @ [email protected]