1. matthew1029

    matthew1029 New Member

    I'm a pretty new to upgrading guns and I was wondering about ups so I have a couple questions
    The are r hops h hops and m hops, are there any other types of hop ups and which one it the best
    And what different parts make up the hop unit
  2. alex

    alex New Member

    doesn't matter what the hops are called. you need to understand what they do. they apply a smoother ramp for the bb to grip on with a good consistent contact patch. the normal hopup bucking uses a speed bump. the higher the fps, the more violent the bb reacts to the speed bump.

    when modding your hopup, find ways to reduce the bump. the most basic mod is the flat hop. it removes the bump and relies on a custom nub. r-hop uses the flathop method but introduces a window filler to replace the bump. custom fitting is required to get the best performance out of it. the hopup arm can be modded with a permanent custom nub.