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Hello guys, im dave a new member here only just found this corner of the internet. Ive been playing airsoft for years and thinking of branching out into hosting events and wondered if anyone could help with a few un answered questions/any advice from experience (things i may have overlooked)

The plan.
I have a local site, very large and open and they have said its not a problem if myself and however many other wish to play on the same day as another skirmish event, they will notify me of the areas they are using aslong as we are not interrupting their day we are free to use the site as we please aslong as we pay the standard walk on fee etc we are covered under their insurance etc.

I plan to bring a small group of 2 teams to the gameday, plan a small flowing gameday as i am hoping to run a battlesim/milsim event as things go foreward. Use this day to test the medic rules, team structure, command structure and in general see what people opinions are on the day.

I will use the first day to get some pictures and videos which i will use for promotion for the group page for future promotion and potentially host a few more closed small scale events in this way to still test the waters, ensure things are running smooth and a good time is had by all.

So going foreward from this.
Would i need my own insurance or waiver (as opposed to piggybacking of the sites insurance)

I would be taking bookings myself and informing the site of final numbers then paying the site directly in a lump sum. Would a business paypal account and a dedicated email be sufficient for sending out booking confirmation etc.

I plan to make an extra £5 to £10 per head at the events this money would be put into buying prizes for the days winning team and the obvious items i would have to supply (water for medic rules/bandadges/props and to eventually cover the cost of the player marshalls) so would it be 'wise' to set up an offical company as such or add this side to my current self employed status as another business even if im not making money/profit.

If anyone has advice/anything ive overlooked please drop me a comment or message much appreciated.

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