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    Hey guys some of you may already know me from my post stating last weeks game but, I currently have and run a Organzied team here in palm beach county we stretch from west palm to coral springs and have 5 people in our squad the team is Bravo Tactics we play every single Sunday at Hot Shots Airsoft From 8:30am-5pm. We will be recruiting and playing with our off branch team this weekend if you would like to come out and join we record every game and will be posting video footage here and photos as soon as the editing has been completed. "LIKE" our facebook page and check us out on

    P.s. Last weeks footage is almost complete and there should be new videos posted on our Youtube Channel throughout the weekend. I will post a link in this thread to the videos and if you find your self in any of these videos feel free to identify your self in chance that we may pick you for future gameplay. Thanks guys.
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    Can I join? I am a half support gunner, half rifleman. I can play 1:00 pm to 5:00. :)