How can I become good at fixing/upgrading my guns?

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    Well I am obviuosly a noob for asking this question, but I want to save money and know how to work with electric guns? I know people always talk about opening their guns and stuff, I don't even know how to open them. How do i know what the best parts to upgrade are.
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    Research, and lurking( the latter being my favorite)

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    The best way to start is to look at youtube videos and see how the gun is taken apart.
    Once you can memorize what needs to be done to open up the gun, sit down at a clean, out of the way, uncluttered table. Set you tool up in an organized way and open the gun.
    Keep the video up and follow the instruction as the video is playing to make sure you are doing it right.
    If you can film the disassembly of the gun to help you if you have problems.

    After you have opened your gun/gearbox put it back together. Don't try to modify anything, just open it up take stuff out and put it back in. Do this once or twice and then start by re-lubing the gearbox and simple modifications to the gearbox.

    Then when you feel ready swap out a few parts of the gun and tune the internals. Once you have that down start a project (Rate of fire, accuracy, etc.) and work to completing that project.

    If you run into anything along the way search the forum for an answer, if you have searched but cannot find an answer ask on the forum and you will be helped.

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    Pretty good.

    I would add that you may want to film the disassembly. And I would take it down 3 times before I did anything. And a project could be as simple as increasing the rate of fire, or accuracy, but DMR's and high speed builds are pretty advanced.
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    You're a newb, not noob. You're asking to better yourself, which is respectable.
    [/pet peeve]

    Buy/find yourself a used gun to mess with. Make sure it's working. You DO NOT want a boneyard gun. You want something that is in WORKING condition. Why? When you take it apart and put it back together and it doesn't work, you KNOW you have the parts needed for it to work correctly again.

    Secondly, you want to read and research while you tinker. Start with the basics, various ways of shimming, AoE adjustment, wiring tricks, and so on. Keep it simple. In other words, don't try messing with a dual sector gear the first month you start tinkering.
    On top of that, understand why certain parts are used. Don't use it because it's the "best", use it because you understand why it's the best part for your build.

    Beyond that, it's simply practicing... Opening a gun and messing around.

    I'll be honest, the first time you'll be like a 15yr old boy asking out a 22yr old supermodel on a date. After some time and practice things will more or less come to be MUCH easier. Case and point, I pieced together my first gearbox in the dark. Granted it was a quick change spring gearbox, but still I had the confidence to take on the challenge. Just take chances man. And understand that if you EVER need help, we as a forum are here to help and guide you in any way possible.