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As mentioned in one of your other loadout ID requests, I would absolutely start scrolling through threads on Devtsix. They originally started as a strictly devgru info site, but now touch on just about everything related to any military gear. Not trying to promote them too heavy, but that's where 80% of your questions can be answered on gear ID, recommendations, etc. Additionally, if you're attempting to make an accurate recreation, it's going to take a lot of effort and it would be wise to do a lot of research. Not trying to harp on anyone, but being able to say "This is what I have so far, what should I improve/replace?" is super helpful as opposed to just requesting an entire kit list.

As far as sellers of repro gear in general, Ebay is your biggest friend, just make sure the reviews are alright and you use Paypal or another easily-refundable form of payment. Additionally, some sites that I've found useful:
ROYALTIGER Military Gear
Most of those are primarily NATO style gear, but there is some RU stuff as well.
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