How do I Speedsoft? Need Advice.

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by Bullpup GOD, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. Bullpup GOD

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    So, im getting tired of playing slow paced and tactical decked out in baggy BDUs and heavy gear. Speedsoft seems so much more interesting. Fast Paced, close range, and in general a bit less serious compared to milsim. I know speedsoft gets allot of hate, but i think its fun. I already have a Hicapa and a few mags, but gear wise, whats a good loadout that is lightweight and suited for speedsoft?
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  2. AirsoftNation72

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    From what I’ve seen, lots of speedsofters use dye paintball masks, just a stereotypical thing I geuss, but I’d say that and a bandana. Also knee pads for those tac slides . Maybe some elbow pads as well

  3. Specter4

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    All you need to know xD

    Patch drops spring 2018
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    honetly this is true
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  5. RockNRoll33

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    I run Dye i4, definitely worth the price doesn't fog up one bit and is lightweight. You could get an i4 for cheap or spend a few extra buck and get a i5. I run a JPC with foam inserts and 1x3 mag pouches. Or a speedqb belt when I want to go really light weight with 2 1x3 mag pouches and a dump pouch that I interchange. I run pants with built in knee pads for sliding around. Most people run with shorts and leggings or cargo pants. I sometimes run a combat shirt or just a tee shirt or sweatshirt. For guns most people use keymod and no grip (rvg/afg etc.) but run a high lumen light 500+ and no optic. A lot of people hair trigger for HPA or High speed for AEG or High trigger response. A lot of people run only hi capa and I did for a while and highly recommend it. If you run HPA most people use a hydration carrier for the tank. For mags most people use Hi caps or 190rd mid caps I personally run 2 hi caps and 1 190 rd mid cap is i want to shoot auto, but I have more mid caps in case it's a full auto game (my dsg feeds better on mid caps).

    Sorry if this was all over the place I was just typing what came to mind

    EDIT: I also run dye arm pads from time to time and are really nice as well.
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  6. BOA_SP3CT3R

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    Bull Shoals
    A friend of mine got into speedsoft a while back, and we played at a big outdoor field. His loadout constantly changed, but often it was a dye i4, JPC with a bunch of m4 pouches on the front, dump pouch, hardshell with a hi capa and just a tee shirt & tactical pants. It was funny because he got an SR25, then afterwards he decided to be a speedsofter and tried to use the SR for speedsoft:D It actually worked pretty well. @haas148044 knows who I'm talking about...
    I'm trying to get my speedsoft loadout together. I have a dye i4, a knockoff JPC with BFG m4 pouches(also fake), and I'm going to get a new chest rig. I have an LBX "lock & load" rig, but I want something a bit more minimalistic. When I used to do speedsoft-ish stuff I'd run my 10" AR with an AIM red dot and a Noveske KX5. I've added a few things since, and I'm working on a trigger response build with it. I also plan on using my MP7 AEP for CQB and maybe my KC02.
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  7. Lefse

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    A "pistol" M4 with a DSG or HPA setup should suit a speedsoft loadout.
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  8. Hangtight

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    I don't do speedsoft , but for moving fast and clearing areas with plenty of firepower, my DSG M4 pistol is a blast! And the 900 round mag helps. :)
  9. Lefse

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    That is one mean looking little M4. :D
    I should really get my butt around to fixing my G&G equivalent.
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  10. excalibur3100

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    I would look to the tight crye BDU's or equivalent, and any AEG with a 10" or shorter barrel.

    Nice M4!
  11. Prsch2003

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    New York
    honestly get a dye mask a comfortable shirt some elbow and knee pads and ur set. For cheap options for dye masks you can look on the hopup app or ebay but keep in mind they kinda smell.
    cheap options for knee pads are bijans they are a bit bulky but suprisingly easy to move around in. If you want to go a more expensive route you can get a polarstar engine and get like a jpc or something lightweight to carry your tank in. A dsg build will also work but you will need extensive teching experience to complete that. You can also try a fast trigger response build using a high torque motor an advanced mosphet such as the btc spectre or gate titan and low ratio gears i recommend the shs 13:1 gears if your looking for higher quality gears go for siegetek gears your entire gun will break down ten times over before they do.