How long Should US Customs Take

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    I want to take in multiple Different experiences of airsofters dealing with US Customs, I've tried looking up it up and I've gotten answers from 2 days to 2 months. I ordered a VFC Hk417 GBB Thats fully licensed and legal, but has been in customs for 3 days. I want to see what you guys think and hear your personal experiences with Customs ImageUploadedByAirsoft Society1446570183.475276.jpg
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    Personally out of the many overseas orders I've made I've only had customs hold on to one gun and that was the Hydra MK18 MOD 1. In my case they kept it for an additional 2 weeks.

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    Customs is one of those things that you can't really give definite answers on. I've seen some guns go RIGHT through in a single day, other times I've seen it literally take over a month, and that was a simple wrist watch. It just depends on the number of packages that through the same time as your package.
    I will tell you this, November and December are BY FAR the busiest time for customs thanks to everyone buying and shopping online. Some years it's horrid, others it's not too bad.

    Honestly sit back, and just wait it out. Checking daily is only going to make your antsy, so check every few days.

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    Alright thanks for the info ill just try forgetting about and maybe it'll be a pleasant surprise in the future