How much ammo?

Discussion in 'Tactics & Strategies' started by AKJoker, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. AKJoker

    AKJoker New Member

    Always end up bringing too much ammo or too little of it into combat. I have an ak74 with an rof of about 650. How much do u bring into battle?
  2. Protectionperfection

    Protectionperfection New Member

    your ROF is 650? 650 what? normally we use use rounds per second...
    I carry 7 mags with me AEG or GBBR. My PMags hold ~120 each and my GBBR hold 30 each. So i change my play depending on my gun choice.
    What mags and how many do you carry with you on the field?

  3. Fritz

    Fritz New Member

    Camp Shelby
    Better to bring too much ammo than take the risk of not bringing enough.
  4. marine121496

    marine121496 Wahahaha~ Supporting Member

    Ann Arbor
    On the other hand bring less and you'll be forced to conserve more and save money.
  5. McGee

    McGee New Member

    San Francisco
    If you are playing against guys with hi-caps who shoot 30-round bursts, you'd need more ammo. (I'd suggest you'd also need to find another place to go).

    Personally, I use 4 standard magazines (68 rounds). Several hour game. Sometimes I reload a couple, if I can get to the resupply or if I need to.
  6. 123456abcdef

    123456abcdef New Member

    Chapel Hill
    It really depends on the game. There are so many factors. I personally carry about 1500 rounds during the games I play, three high capacity magazines. If I feel the need for more ammo I can take my 3000 round drum magazine. I play long games in the woods.
  7. Navy100

    Navy100 New Member

    I'm going to be carrying 5x120rd m4 mags soon. Should be enough for a good amount of time on semi. I would probably carry some ammo just in case though. You never know
  8. Sparky_D

    Sparky_D Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Pierce County
    I bring 5K to most matches.
    My RPK drum mag holds 3500 rounds and only once have I had to refill it mid game.
  9. 552srepic

    552srepic New Member

    I usually bring 500 .25 grams for my gas pistol and 4,000 for my aeg
  10. Napple

    Napple New Member

    Unless you're playing milsim... Why not use high caps? I have a few midcaps but i mostly run high caps. And i usually never want to reload. I'll have 6-8 full high caps on me at the start of a day and that'll do me good for the whole day.
  11. marine121496

    marine121496 Wahahaha~ Supporting Member

    Ann Arbor
    -__________________- SHUN SHUN SHUN.

    I like my midcaps, no need to wind every 50 shots, and when I use hi caps I find myself winding all the time, never sure if I've winded enough, also 8 hi caps? I carry 6 mid caps, I don't need 8 hi caps rattling around, I don't want people thinking I'm some sort of beehive.
  12. Sohte

    Sohte Member

    San Jose/ Bay Area
    It depends on the type of player you are, do you spray and pray? or are you finding a secure firing position and laying down bursts?
    Aside from this how is your loadout set up? are you set for high speed low drag? standard rifleman? heavy gunner? Juggernaut?
    I ask this in terms of how many mags can you carry comfortably.

    I run an AK47 with a GP-30 I carry 7 mags with a total of 1030 rounds. Typically I carry a bandolier as well with 5, 40mm grenades which is why my ammo count is so low, its to cut down on weight.
  13. Ham

    Ham New Member

    Ill always have at least 5k rounds with me for the entire day.

    On the field I roll 8 mid caps (4 or 5 if its just a skirmish)+ 1 buddy mid cap on my back with an emergency hi cap (should rules allow) somewhere too. A couple loaded speed loaders, an easy access 500 round spout bottle.

    If its a non stop day ill keep the rest of my bbs on me somewhere too.

    No matter what the game is if you are using semi when you should (95% of the time) and know how to move correctly you shouldn't need more than what I've described.

    Use heavier bbs to shoot through stuff (.28s and .3s are the best, they are all i use) the little bit less range is a great sacrifice for the penetration and accuracy.
  14. Napple

    Napple New Member

    Im a high speed load drag kind of guy. I run an eagle industries chest rig. And i make sure i wind my high caps enough. And to tell you the trut winding a highcap is pretty much the same a loading a new midcap, except i dont have to take my aim off the target with highcaps.

    And i dont own any, but flashags pretty much solve the winding problem.
  15. S1kkguy

    S1kkguy New Member

    People exaggerate the noise of highcaps to be honest. I can move very stealthily through the field without the mags creating any excessive noise. Trick is, keep every mag filled to the top so the only one that can rattle is the one in the magwell and I can run without that causing me any grief.

    Winding does become an annoyance though, especially in the middle of a fire fight when I'm rocking half finger gloves in the cold...

    I usually go out with 4-5 120rd midcaps and an emergency WTFFTWSTFU highcap tucked away with the spring tension ready to go.

    On a really hot day I've been guilty of just running out there with 3 highcaps when I'm not bothered to put all the gear on.
  16. Codex432

    Codex432 New Member

    I prefure bring one high cap and a few mids just winding up takes longer than reloading
  17. sonsofthepatriots1

    sonsofthepatriots1 Active Member

    for a full days worth of gaming i can bring 2k .23's and that will last me all day and then some.
  18. averageairsofter

    averageairsofter New Member

    What kind of hicaps are you using? Any hicap I've ever seen if you wind it up all the way it will fire at least 200 rounds if not close to the full 300. You must not be winding your hicaps all the way up.
  19. MamothBear

    MamothBear New Member

    Depends how long you are going to be out there! I carry a high cap per hour. And i cary a mid cap incase of mag failure.Mid caps are going to allow you to move quieter but not that much quieter! And I might be statign the obvious but how old are your mags? The windings do wear out in them. Get a new one if the winding is getting weak. And you also need to keep some extra bbs in a pouch or pocket. Put a sock in bottles or wrap bags of bbs to prevent excess noise from them.
  20. TacticalChef

    TacticalChef New Member

    San Francisco
    i run my MP7 with a total of 4 mags. that's 160 bullets, plus my USP with an extra mag. that's another 50ish. Usually that does me just fine. I just reload what I've shot when i die, usually takes about as long as a respawn timer. I keep a speed loader on me for field reloads, and if i'm expecting a lot of action i tend to top up after engagements.