how much money will it take to do a build?

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  1. Slender

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    Im thinking of doing a ground up or off a base build for feild play..........

    How much should i set aside for it?

    Im looking to have :
    lower than 20rps
    400-440 fps
    Effective range of 250ft+
    20in (509mm) barrel
    10-12in handgaurd

    Im using this for me as an operator. Yay

  2. Mystery43_4

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    Santa Barbara
    It depends on how cheap you want to go. You can get that performance for a the price of a spring and battery. That's not a stressful build.
  3. Sparky_D

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    Here's how to figure it out.

    First, figure out what base gun you will use. Take the price of that gun (including shipping if applicable) and write it at the top of a piece of paper.

    Next, search all of the good sites like Evike, ASGI, Airsoft Atlanta, eHobby Asia, etc... for the upgrades you'll need to achieve your goal. Then list all the upgrade components you will want to install and write the prices for those parts (including shipping) under the price of your base gun.

    Take the list of parts to an airsoft tech and ask them how much they would charge to do the work for you. Write that number under the other prices. Enter $0 if you plan to do the work yourself (which is unlikely, since if you had the ability to do the work yourself, you would likely know how to do the above mentioned excercise...).

    Add up all the numbers, and then you will know how much you should set aside.

    By the way, what is an "operator". Last I heard, they worked for the phone company and had no need for an airsoft gun.