How necessary is it to periodically regrease the gearbox?

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    Do you do this to your guns? How often does this need to be done, if ever? Is it better to just run the airsoft gun until it gives trouble or noise? Any maintenance tricks you do to your guns to make them perform and last?

    I tried taking apart my JG scorpion and the gearbox fell apart... gave up after I lost two parts. But if the gears need periodic lube I would figure out how (if there were no challenge I wouldn't take up a hobby like this, I figure I can learn it even if the learning curve is steep).

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    If you play every weekend outdoors in a dusty/dirty enviornment, you might want to clean and relube the gearbox every year or so. If you play in clean environments and/or not very often, you can do this every 3-5 years without issue (if the gun was cleaned and lubed correctly in the first place).

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    For a low stress/stock gearbox once every 100k shots or so should be enough if you use good grease and clean it properly before re-lubing.