How noticeable is Hop Up?

Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by gitaryzt1985, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. gitaryzt1985

    gitaryzt1985 New Member

    I'm very new to Airsoft, and I have a G&P M4. When I adjust the hop up, I really don't notice much of anything happening. Is hop up pretty noticeable?
  2. MrAirsoft194

    MrAirsoft194 New Member

    If your looking in front of your barrel you won't notice it. What it does it do? The hop up unit increases backward spin of your bb, by pressing down a rubber nub on your bucking creating a bump. What so important about the backwards spin? The backwards elevates the bb to increase range and accuracy. If you look closely you should notice that the bb's go further. So yes it should be noticeable.

  3. Archer627

    Archer627 Active Member

    Not a bad description, but I'll add to it. Not only does it improve range, it improves the accuracy as well. Hop up is what gives your gun tight groupings at long range. Also, it actually, according to the current theories, causes your BBs to go down slightly when exiting the barrel. I'm curious to see what BBBastard's tests yields on that theory.
  4. JakeBworth

    JakeBworth New Member

    Turn the hop up wheel all the way to the left to turn it off. This will cause the bb to shoot towards the ground. Now turn the wheel all the way to the right. This should cause your bbs to fly into the air. If they are not, your hop up unit may be incorrectly installed or missing the nub.

    Find your perfect medium by making tiny turns and shooting to see the affect. Different weight bbs will require different hop up positions.
  5. gitaryzt1985

    gitaryzt1985 New Member

    with the hopup all the way up, my BB's seem to go a bit further, but they still fall. The BB's don't go up any more noticeably than with it off.

    My KWA Mod 2 arrives tomorrow...I'll compare it to the KWA and see if I notice a big difference.
  6. GhillieBoy

    GhillieBoy New Member

    On some guns it seems to be a lot more noticeable. Personally I don't use because my guns end up going overboard with the hop up and send it in another direction. Maybe it's just your gun.
  7. S1kkguy

    S1kkguy New Member

    Really? My BBs leave the barrel higher than it would without the hop applied.

    OP, if you don't see much of a difference than your hop packing/bucking needs changing - assuming your nub isn't missing - due to wearing out or it just being shizzle. The way it help's your accuracy and groupings is not only by applying a quality spin, but a consistent one so you can anticipate the shots and adjust your sights accordingly. Consistent fps is also crucial if you want optimum results.