How to approach a cheater and tips to handle the situation

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    Hey guys or girls, well this happened ill explain the story.

    So this happened on a Saturday the field we go and play is free like completely free. No cops show up, city doesn't own the property even ask if anyone owns it. Well no one knew who owned. So it was Saturday 3/7 games for day on the 3rd game we switch teams/sides due to people leaving for work. Well I was wearing an orange shirt dark orange button up shirt with jeans because I couldn't find my multicam. I knew I was going to stick out like a sore thumb since it is woody and green with someone what dead trees. I'm looking at the enemy this guy wants calling hits from helmet shoots I heard them but he didn't he would duck down. I never go full auto because Im shooting hot 410 with .20 but ive been using .25-.30 so I was under a tree with nothing behind me hiding me just a dead tree in front of me. So my two buddies came up to me to ask what I got, gave them the report on what's going down. They decided to flank 9 feet from me they get killed. I heard the gun go off my, gun was down so I turned around and see the enemy. 6 feet in front of me I shoot him in the arm and chest with my pistol (because im shooting hot)he doesn't call it and it was a perfect shot nothing blocking us. So when I shot him and I holstered my gun so he can walk off but he shoots me and then safety killed his dad. I look at him then said "I shot you" he then tells me "heck no A****** " I said so your not going to call it because I clearly shot you 6 feet and shot you 3 times two in the chest and one in the arm. So as he walks off I said whatever hit. He then looks at me and shoots me once I shot back hitting him in the leg. Well he then comes at me full auto with his scar and I stood there doing nothing but he got closer and I went full auto on him..... Because he was getting closer and I couldn't walk away because of me being block by trees.

    In the end things didn't turn out good he got it on tape from his gopro I knew it was recording because I own one but wasn't sing it that day. Well he dad is getting at me on Facebook and I told him to check the footage well turns out he deleted the footage because I was right. And everyone at the field knows I never go full auto unless I'm far away and someone isn't feeling the bb hitting him.

    Then since that happened the father and kid never called their hits even till today.

    Side note there is no field owner for this place we just fallow rules like a the field we would go to. But no safety kill rule so you can tell who's nice and who's not when they kill you up close it depends on the person. There is a field we play but its a 45 minute drive not really worth going to but the only field we got around our area.