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    Hello I was wondering how do you become a reviewer? Now before we get into this conversation im sorry if i posted this in the wrong place, or if there is already a post about this. If there is point me to it please. Also im not doing this for the free guns!! cause i alrady know thats gonna be like the first response to this. i want the chance to look at different guns, inform people, and maybe learn some new things my self.I have a gun I dont need a free one, but if i get one i get one. So if anyone can help me please that would be great.

    Also if you live in south eastern ky,north eastern TN, or western VA please like my facebook page harlan county airsoft.
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    I think most reviewers start by buying cheaper products and reviewing them. If you get enough views on your channel, you could get sponsored to review products. Just know that you're going to need to have something different that brings people to watch you, because every kid with a clear famas tries to get sponsored on YouTube.

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    Here's a good thread on what to put into a review:

    If you are going to be doing written reviews, provide as much factual data as you can and minimize your personal opinions in the content.
    Take LOTS of high quality photos with good, natural style lighting.

    If you're going to be doing video reviews, develop a script and follow it. Nothing makes me click away faster than someone with disorganized thoughts or who says "Uhm..... ahhhhh....uhm....." a lot.
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    To go along with sparkys comment. Get yourself a high quality camera to record if you are making a video review. Also try to keep your opinion out of it and focus on the facts. Use natural lighting. If we can't see the item you are talking about then it's useless.

    Also use proper grammar and spelling in descriptions. If you don't it makes it look sloppy and uneducated.

    Just realize that you are going to have a start-up cost and it's not going to happen overnight. There are many people that review items on youtube..

    What I suggest is you make a review, post it here and we can comment on what we feel you should improve on.

    To get an idea of what a good review looks like look at some of the reviews from this youtube channel.

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    Another thing that I feel is really important. Either get a cameraman or a tripod for your camera. There's nothing worse then a one handed review. Especially when you have to watch the reviewer struggle for half the video trying to open the box the gun came in. One handed reviews are terrible!!!!
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    Thank you all for everything you have helped me alot. I know it wont be easy, but ill do my best thanks for all the help