how to convert a g&g g96 to a co2 rig

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    I might be getting a g&g g96 and would like to now how to convert it to co2 useing the little 12 gram co2 packs.
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    The Co2 capsules won't give you that great performance increase. I believe the only actual ones Co2 capsule rigs are that Cold Shot kit that's discontinued and then the KJW/KWC(?) one which I also believe is discontinued. I guess you could Mcgeyver one out of a Co2 magazine but the capsules won't really give you much improvement and are definitely more of a burden to be swapping out midgame. Not to mention I don't think either came with a regulator so you'd be blasting out 500psi or so.

    Quite frankly you're better off getting a regular Co2 rig using standard 20oz Co2 tanks or HPA like used in paintball. They actually avoid cooldown quite well and you'll get more shots off (not that with a NBB gas sniper rifle that'll be a problem).

    All you need to do is get a regulator, some macro line, and the proper fittings and then just tap the magazine.

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