How to cultivate land and make a good Airsoft Field

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by Slenderman, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Slenderman

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    Hey, I live way up here in Alaska, in the interior. The ground on my property is all pretty mossy and squishy. When you step in, It sinks you up to your knee sometimea. Would you have any Ideas on how to fix that problem? To turn it back into regular ground? if you have any other comments about how to make cool playing fields and stuff feel free to spill. Thanks.
  2. Finalencounter

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    I recommend contacting a landscaper.

  3. Shiftyshooter

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    I agree with FinalEncounter. Drying out land is a difficult process and is very time and money consuming if you do that on your own.

    If there is a body of water near you, try to build some sort of bareer between it and your land. a dug in concrete wall should do the trick, but the main problem lies in the fact that you will do a whole lot of digging.
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    I have had similar problems. Our yard would not drain. We dug ditches around the yard and several small ditches running through the yard yard. If you can imagine a square with several straight lines going through it, thats what it looked like. This worked for standing water, im not sure about your yard though, sounds very complicated.

    I would still call a landscaper first though.
  5. TheBunker

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    one thing you will have to do is dig your ground out, since you say it goes up to your knees you will probably have to dig it out at least 3 feet and replace it with some dry fill dirt

    and yes contact a landscaper
  6. stxrus

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    Cotton Valley
    sounds like you have a very shallow water table. could this be snow melt? is anyone else around you being affected withthe same bog issues? talk to a landscaper or an agriculture specialist in your area. you just may be SOL and need to look elsewhere to play